Trends in web servers and hostnames

In the December 2009 233,848,493 web sites could be found on the Internet, an increase of 212k since last month. Over the last 12 months, NGINX has shown the most consistent growth out of all of the top Server Vendors. Since this time last year, it has grown by 12.9M hostnames, which is only slightly below that of Apache’s growth of 13.3M. In terms of market share, however, Apache has actually lost 4.7% this year, whereas nginx has seen a large increase, gaining 5.2% over the year.
Number of websites between 1995 - 2009
Number of host names and websites between 1995 - 2009
Despite Apache’s overall growth, it suffered significant losses in the United States.
Market share of web servers
Market share of web servers
NGINX showed significant growth in 2009. This web server software is particularly predominant at China Telecom, where it is used by more than 80% of their 8+ million websites. Source: Netcraft