The resource is a duplicate of /com/android/vending/.DS_Store error in Eclipse project

Question: In Eclipse, following Google’s advice, I’ve added the source code of Android Market Licensing to my own application project as a linked library project. For a while I am getting a strange warning icon at the library link, exactly at the src/ folder in the Package Explorer. I eliminated all the warnings from the source codes. My project builds without errors and warnings. I opened the Problems window where I found this message: “The resource is a duplicate of path/com/android/vending/.DS_Store and was not copied to the output folder. Unknown Java Problem. Resource: .DS_Store”. Any idea? Hardware: MacBook Pro, OS X 10.6.6, Eclipse version: Helios R2. Answer: Hidden .DS_Store files are created and owned by the Finder on OS X machines. These innocent looking files are used to save the view options or the size of the respective Finder window, but they are capable of causing unusual behavior of Eclipse IDE. You’d probably copied the whole project library from the downloaded Google licensing package to your development directory and later something happened to it. You can delete this file without corrupting your filesystem or project: 1. Find and open the Navigate to the actual project folder using cd command. 2. Type in rm -rf .DS_Store and hit Return.
iMac-me:myproject me$ cd src/com/android/vending
iMac-me:vending me$ rm -rf .DS_Store
3. Clean your Android project and rebuild it. Warning icons will disappear. Notes: Finder doesn’t show .DS_Store by default, but “Eclipse” can see it. Although .DS_Store is on the Team -> Ignored Resources list and the file isn’t included in the manifest (AndroidManifest.xml), but Eclipse may complain and refuse to process any of the files in that folder while deploying. If this error reappears after a Clean, for example complaining for the /gen folder, remove .DS_Store file(s) from there as well. 1. Navigate to the root of your project folder and execute the following command in Terminal:
find . -name '*.DS_Store' -type f -delete
2. In Eclipse navigate to your project and select File -> Properties. – Select Resource -> Resource Filters – Add a new filter: Exclude all, Applies to Files and Attributes, File Attribute: Name – matches. Type in .DS_Store. Click on OK. Unfortunately your Mac will continue to create .DS_Store if you browse your folder in Finder, but at least Eclipse will ignore for your project.