Scan and print with HP 2820/2840 on OS X (Snow Leopard)

Question: I have to say that I have a misfortune to work with HP 2840. Last time when I tried to install their original HP drivers the scanning felt apart on my iMac. Upon upgrading to the latest OS X, I can print but can not scan. HP doesn’t respond to my emails. I have to say that all of the suggestions I’ve got did not work for me for scanning over the network. Any chance to repair my broken HP scanner driver? Answer: We are all locked in a never-ending battle with unpredictable network printer and scanner devices, which never seemed to be able to communicate consistently with our computers. We are constantly updating and reinstalling drivers, playing with different versions, restarting whatever we find within 3 feet, and it would still only function properly occasionally. Try out these steps: 1. Set up the printer by using the original Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) drivers. You should be able to print to HP 2820/2840 through your LAN connection. If you do not have Apple’s HP 2820/2840 driver for Snow Leopard, download it from here. Requires Mac OS X v10.6.1 or later. File size: ~450MB. 2. Download and install the HP 2840/2840 package for OS X 10.5 from HP’s web site. File size: ~79MB. It will overwrite some HP settings and you will get error messages, and finally a charming success message. These disturbing messages seem to be the core part of sophisticated driver installations. Do not be surprised when HP installer suddenly closes some apps, including this browser, during the installation. Reboot for the sake of HP. After reboot configure your HP as network printer. 3. Well… uninstall the HP 2820/2840 printer driver the HP package you have just set up. Reinstall Apple’s original HP 2820/2840 drivers which you have got at step 1. It will overwrite some old staff from HP but let the scanner driver work. (How? Use System Preferences – and + feature). 4. If you still have permission problems, open the…
... Terminal window and run:
sudo kextutil /System/Library/Extensions/hp_color_lj_2800_series.kext

If it reports errors, run these to repair permissions:

cd /System/Library/Extensions
sudo chown -R root:wheel hp_color_lj_2800_series.kext
sudo chmod -R g-w,a-w hp_color_lj_2800_series.kext

...and then reboot.
5. Check out your network printer and print a test page. 6. Open HP Director and select Scan, Email and Fax to finalize configuration and test device access.
hp 2820 and 2840 scanner on OS X 10.6
HP 2820/2840 scan and print on Snow Leopard
The screenshot is from my own iMac which is running OS X 10.6.7. I can print and scan with an HP 2820/2840. The map is for a summer trip. Please note that scan is no longer supported by HP on Lion and Mountain Lion. You may try workarounds at your own risk but there are no guarantees it will work. Links: Apple’s Snow Leopard (10.6) driver for HP Color LaserJet 2820/2840 HP Color LaserJet 2820-2840 Release for Mac OS X 10.5 If this link does not work for you, search for it here: HP Business Support Center HP 2840 print and scan in Windows 7