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RescueMe is one the most popular free iPhone applications with more than 25,000 users. Parents, friends and children can live in a little bit more secure environment. If you’re in a tight spot or emergency just press “Rescue Me!” and this application will send your geo location to your Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, and to any email accounts you set, as well as to mobile phones with SMS sending capabilities. It will come in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates, a map link, and a help message (which you can set) to ensure you can be found. It even works with iPod Touch and iPad where phone functions are not, but WiFi or 3G data access is still available. It helps you send your exact GPS location and a google map link without misspelling any numbers. Rescue me is a free iPhone and iPad application. This page provides technical support for its users.
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RescueMe Now! friends on Facebook
RescueMe Now! followers on Twitter


The first step of the actual installation is just like installing most other iPhone or iPad products: sync with the device and tap on the application’s icon on your iPhone or iPad.

It starts with the welcome message, which lets you know that you’re about to use this application. Touching OK will lead you to the Settings page.

Wait a few seconds until the busy icon disappears from the status bar. Old gadgets can be pretty slow. RescueMe needs to load all application data from your iPhone or iPad and has to look at your network connections.

Set your profile and friend's list
Rescue Me settings page

Personal profile

Tap the text field you want to set. The keyboard will pop up. Touch Done to finish editing or tap the next text or number field you want to change.

You are not limited in what you can write there. The app is universal: name, street, city, zip (postal code) etc. is not syntax checked. Be sure that your profile contains valid data.

Phone, mobile phone and email address fields will be shown as emergency contact information on the About Me page only. The mobile phone number is assumed to be able to receive SMS (text) message. This email address will get a copy of the sent email alarm messages.

Rescue Me address setup page on iPad
Rescue personal profile on iPad

Instructions, messages

Be informative and practical when giving About Me instructions. This text will NOT be sent to Twitter, Facebook or email addresses you set later. It is shown only on the About Me page, for example to medical staff.

Twitter & SMS (text) message should not be longer than 100 characters. The application will append your geo location and google map link. This message will be posted to your Twitter account as status update. Your followers will see it.

In your Facebook message box write instructions what this wall post is about. The application will append a google map link and GPS coordinates. It will be posted to your wall and your friends will see it right away.

Set your instruction messages
Your About Me instruction on iPhone

Twitter and Facebook login

You must authorize the application to be able to post status update and wall post to your accounts. Tap on the Twitter circle button on the right to get the Twitter login screen. Give your credentials and login. When your profile picture appears and the twitter button it is dimmed, you have successfully logged in.

At Facebook login allow RescueMe to get your profile picture and to post to your wall. After authentication the Login button changes to Logout.

When you have slow network connections, you need to to wait a few seconds to get response from Twitter and Facebook. Next time you use the app, you do not have to login again.

Login to Facebook and Twitter
Login to Twitter on iPhone

List of assistants and listeners

Here you can manage the list of assistants without Twitter or Facebook account. Add, modify or delete a listener.

Tap the name field to to identify a data record. Set his or her phone number and email address by tapping the appropriate text field. The application will try to send an SMS (text) to this phone number and an email message to this address.

You may add any number of assistants to the list. SMS and email address fields are optional. Add only a phone number or an email address to a name as you wish.

Set the list of assistants
List of assistants on iPad

Enable/Disable options

You have the option to enable or disable sending alarm messages.

When the SMS (text) option is dimmed, we are not able to send SMS from your device. In this case you cannot set this switch to ON. When SMS sending is disabled (when it is dimmed or set to OFF), text messages to mobile phones will not be sent. When enabled (set to ON), you have to confirm all SMS-s to be sent by your own iPhone’s SMS user interface.

Twitter and Facebook messages will be sent only when this option is enabled AND you have a valid login to these social media services. You can use RescueMe without Twitter and/or Facebook links. Just switch these services off here.

Enable SMS, Twitter and Facebook
Enable/Disable options on iPhone

Activate RescueMe alarm

We need only a very quick user’s guide. After a successful configuration you have almost nothing to do, just tap the RescueMe button on the first screen. Confirm the alarm message. After 45-60 seconds you will get a status report.

You need network access to login to Twitter and Facebook and send alarm messages.

RescueMe status report
RescueMe status report in iPhone
Notes: We are working on the next version. For iPhones and iPads with iOS 4.2+ and newer version, we’ll offer the option to send prompt alarm messages to other iPhones or iPads via Push Notification services. It gives better solution than SMS that is heavily restrictive now.