Read IMEI number from your mobile phone

The IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity Number is a unique number allocated to every GSM phone and some other phones as well. You’ll find this number inside the battery compartment or can just see it by pressing *#06# into the keypad. This number is used to validate your device on a GSM network and can also be very helpful to stop the device from using any network once it has been registered as stolen. You can check your device status by visiting and entering the IMEI number. You’ll get the information about the handset you are using and also you’ll know if there is any theft record of the phone. The IMEI Number has the following structure: NN-XXXXXX-ZZZZZZ-A The first two digits indicated by NN is the code of the reporting body such as MSAI. The next six digits indicated by XXXXXX is the type identifier defined by MSAI. These numbers are assigned by MSAI but is given to the mobile equipment manufacturers for identifying different handsets uniquely. The last digit denoted by A is a check digit that is a function of the previous 14 digits and is used to check that none of the digits are entered incorrectly. Programmers: you may need this number to get UID, for example, when developing microapps on Samsung phones.
// Basically, the IMEI on device is protected from apps on good purpose.
// If you need to be able to tie your application to the device, you may use GetDeviceUniqueID API (P/Invoke it):

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
        private static extern int GetDeviceUniqueID([In, Out] byte[] appdata,
                                                    int cbApplictionData,
                                                    int dwDeviceIDVersion,
                                                    [In, Out] byte[] deviceIDOuput,
                                                    ref uint pcbDeviceIDOutput);