Forced “enable Aero” in Windows 7

Question: I have a laptop with Windows 7. I installed an old VISTA compatible program that uses Java RE. When I run it the video color mode is modified from Aero to Basic. I cannot change it back by the Desktop -> Personalize -> Windows Color menu. I know that Windows 7 has an Aero troubleshooting tool to find and fix such a problems with transparency and then enable and turn on the Aero support but this tool does not work. How to force Windows 7 to enable Aero again? Is there a way to disable Windows automatically “adjusting performance” by switching my color theme back to Basic? Answer: If you could use Aero earlier than you surely have the necessary CPU processing power, memory and graphics card to support Windows Aero, so you can force enable Glass Transparency effect on your system. Try it out:
1. Run regedit (Start menu)
2. Find the following registry key:
3. Create the following three DWORD 32-bit entries and set the values to 0:
    UseMachineCheck  (value=0)
    Blur  (value=0)
    Animations  (value=0)
4. Close Regedit
5. Open the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) with administrative privileges and type the commands:
    Net Stop uxsms
    Net Start uxsms

    The Desktop Window Manager Session Manager will be restarted.

You can now turn on the Aero by right clicking on Personalize -> Select Windows Colors
Note that the last two dword value is to disable the blurring and animations effects to lessen the load burden on your graphics card so that your laptop will be more responsive. To enable any of them, set the value to 1. Windows 7 Home Basic does not support all Windows 7 Aero features.