Android development with Visual Studio 2010

Question: You said in your blog we could design, write and debug Android applications in Microsoft Visual Studio. Do you have any tool available for download? Do they really exist? Answer: There are several Android plugins for Visual Studio 2010. Try out these: 1. Mono for Android. It allows .NET C# developers to target Android. 2. vs-android for integrated development of Android SDK/NDK in C/C++ code. 3. Android/VS Visual Studio 2010 is not a free application. Above tools do not run on Visual Studio Express because they are pure collections of MSBuild scripts in their core and earlier versions lack the MSBuild integration with the C/C++ compilation systems. Typical setup steps: – Install the Java SDK for Windows 7 – Install the Android SDK (download from here) – Configure your simulator – Install the Visual Studio 2010 plugin Links: What tool to use to develop Android applications Java SDK Microsoft Visual Studio Android SDK Android NDK. The Android NDK is a companion tool to the Android SDK. It lets you build your apps in native code (C/C++). It is a must for vs-android. DroidDraw User Interface designer for Android projects.