Xcode 4 upgrade transition – how to select targets for resource files

Question: Since upgrading to Xcode 4, I can’t find several basic and useful options. For example in a multi target project how to select which Target a resource file belongs to? Earlier we hit the Get Info and voila. Now it has disappeared. My iPhone project is at halt and I am considering going back to Xcode 3.2.6. Answer: Xcode 4 is a major version change for both Mac and iOS development. This release includes the iOS SDK 4.3 to develop apps for iPhone and iPad. We have to spend some time to read Apple’s documentation (see Xcode 4 Transition Guide) before diving jump into our own project transitions. 1. The left side of the Xcode window is the navigator area. Open to the project navigator. 2. Select the source code or resource file. 3. If you can’t see the Object Library window in the utility area, navigate to View -> Utilities and select Object Library. 4. Check or uncheck target(s) of the given resource file in the Target Membership group.
Select source file in Project Navigator of Xcode 4
Select resource file in Project Navigator
Open Object Library of Xcode 4
Check target(s) in Object Library
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