Xcode 3.2.5 error with argument list too long

Question: I got a strange error message from Xcode. I build an iOS 4.2 iPhone project in which the same Clear and Build errors occur. It says “Checking Dependencies, Argument list too long:” followed by a long path name to a folder that is not even close to my project files. This location never has any connections to any header paths or to the target that a dependency check should look for. What did I wrong? Answer: In your header search path there is a recursive call. Your search path likely ends with a single “/**”. This settings leads to a huge collection of paths that are too large to handle. 1. Open Xcode. In the Groups and Files select your project file -> Get Info. 2. Open Build tab. 3. Navigate to Search Paths 4. Find User Header Search Paths. Click on the line to get the edit window. 5. Uncheck recursive settings to see what causes this error, or more precisely, modify it to produce a search result in a smaller set of directories.