Strong 8345CI remote control for SlingBox

Question: I have a SlingBox Pro HD. I bought a Strong 3845 CI satellite and DVB-T receiver in Vienna I want to control and watch remotely from the States. So I opened the Setup Assistant and went through the device options and when I get to ‘Who Manufactured your Satelite Receiver’ I could not find my Strong receiver. I tried all kinds of options and still can not get it done. I heard that I needed a programmer who could create remote control codes in a binary file for the SlingBox. I have a home network with WiFi DSL router and a laptop. Answer: You do need neither a programmer nor the Setup Assistant. SlingBox published – but has not advertised – a great web site that helps you create, and save and load custom remote control codes. This beta site is a perfect tool for creating and editing remote controls for all of us. Use it! It is much easier than the so-called JP1 remote method to create .BIN files for the SlingPlayer. With this “hidden” web site we have created an .LRZ file for you that is downloadable from us: 1. Switch on your SlingBox and check out the IR blaster cable. Connect your SlingBox and your computer to your home network (LAN). 2. Download to your computer the latest IR remote control file from here: Save it to a convenient place, such as C:\ or your desktop. 3. Extract the SlingBoxRemote_Strong8345CI.lrz from the ZIP file. Remember the path. 4. Open the SlingBox beta site to get the browser plugin: 5. Select your SlingBox. Navigate to the next page and click on Import Remote button. 6. Give the exact full path name of the downloaded file such as C:\SlingBoxRemote_Strong8345CI.lrz 7. After clicking on the OK button, the browser plugin copies Strong remote control codes to your SlingBox. 8. Quit from the browser. Open your SlingPlayer. You can now find and use your Strong 8345CI remote controller. Notes: If you are using the Slingplayer Desktop then I recommend that you also test it on the Web Slingplayer. You likely face no problem until the next firmware upgrade. If you have updated your firmware and the remote controller appears in one but not the other, then uninstall the faulty software and reinstall it by using the latest version. If error still persists with both the Web SlingPlayer and the SlingPlayer Desktop then most likely the problem is a corrupted remote control file (that was uploaded into the SlingBox earlier). Try reconfiguring the Video Source. The Setup Assistant will upload a new remote file at the end of the process. If that fails, as a last resort, use the “Reset” button to manually clear the settings and go through the setting process again.