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Sleek Tip Calculator 3.0 is an iPad and iPhone application. It is available at the iTunes AppStore. Sleek Tip Calculator is designed to be a friendly personal assistant even after a celebration and a few drinks. Programmers wrote it for their own daily usage. It offers much more than a numeric keypad and some math functions. The built-in map helps you navigate after a long day. It also gives you an interface to write an instant review about your latest experiences in the resort, in the hotel or restaurant, and it will share your opinion with millions of readers in seconds. Tip Calculator 3.0 is developed by Oak Tree IT.
Download Tip Calculator from iTunes

Download the app from AppStore. If you use iTunes, sync it with your device. The first step of the actual installation is just like installing most other iPhone or iPad products.

It starts with the welcome message, which lets you know that you’re about to use our application. Touching OK will lead you to the Settings page.

Wait a second or two until the busy icon disappears from the status bar. Sleek Tip Calculator needs to load all of application data from your iPhone and has to look at your network connections to let you write online reviews and see maps.

Set level for excellent, good an fair services
Rate tip levels

Tip rates

Tap the number you want to change. The keyboard will pop up. Give a new rate (like 12.50) and touch Done to finish editing or tap the next number you want to change.

Invalid data is set to 0.00. Custom tip amount can override these settings on the main screen.

Tax rate

Sales tax is supported. Tap the number and set the value on the popup keyboard (like 6.5). Touch Done.

Valid data is limited to 50.00 %.

Set round up option
Customize tax rate, method and round up

Tax method

Enable it to set our algorithm to bill amount includes sales tax. In this case you tip on the entire check. Most of us tip this way, so the default value is enabled.

Many of us feel strongly about tipping on the tax. “The tax has nothing to do with the service of the wait staff, runners or kitchen. And it varies from county to county and state to state. To equalize I just ignore the tax and tip on the subtotal.”

Disable this variable to let us calculate with the bill amount before sales tax.

Set tax method here
Select tax include/exclude (iPad)

Round up/down option

Total rounds up to the nearest dollar when enabled. Set to OFF to get exact sums.

Split limit

Set the maximum value of sliders here.

Default is value 10. Upper limit is 100. Sliders are practically unusable above 20. On the main screen, when you do not want to use sliders, tap on editable text box to set the exact value.

Sound effects

Sound effects can be muted. Disable it if you do not want our app to say a … beep.

Set split, sound and skins
Set service level


Sleek Tip Calculator has multiple application background choices from sleek to geeky, from London’s pubs to New Zealand’s golf club.

Select your favourite colors and schemes by touching the row. Tap the Calculator icon on the bottom bar to go to the Calculator page and see changes.

Please be patient while Settings screen is loading. Older gadgets need 2-3 seconds to find all the items our setup page is searching for.

Lovely skins for iPad
Great skins for iPad

Calculating tip and total

1. The keyboard automatically pops up allowing for much faster data entry of bill amount. The amount must be a positive number but less than 1,000,000.

2. Touch Done on numpad to dismiss the keyboard. You can modify the bill amount by tapping the number field. Its background becomes white. Editable fields have dimmed background. It is easy to find and change them.

3. Select tip category by touching any of the service level icons. Tip is calculated at the preset rate. See Settings for details.

Quick user guide for Tip Calculator
Calculating tip and total

Calculating splits

4. Adjust Tip manually when needed. Touch text field to get the keyboard. When the tip is more than 50% of the bill amount the text color changes to red. Tip can’t be negative.

5. The calculation of the total sum is based on these settings: bill amount, tax inc/exl method, tax rate, tip and round up of total option. When round-up option is enabled the tip is adjusted.

6. Touch or drag Split and Drinkers navigation icons when you are dividing a restaurant check. Drinkers’ part of total can be entered by touching the appropriate number field. Activate keyboard by tapping the text field or use the thin sliders to select the number of drinkers. Its background becomes white.

Quick user guide for Tip Calculator
Setting and calculating splits and drinkers/teetotalers bill (iPad)

Online review

While you are waiting for the bill write an unbiased restaurant or hotel review. On Review screen search for your restaurant or hotel regardless what country or city you are, for example “88 Orchard, New York”. If you can’t find what you’re looking for try a different spelling, and include the name of the city. If your place is not listed yet visit this site for quick registration:

Sleek Tip Calculator presents online services. For details visit

Write online review with your iPhone or iPad
Write online review