Put dashboard widgets on Snow Leopard desktop

Question: Hi guys. I am a born Microsoft Windows PC user who accidentally got an Apple iMac for xmas. I am told it runs Snow Leopard. I’d like to put widgets into the iMac’s desktop. The so called dashboard widgets I wish to glue to the desktop keep disappearing when I click on the widget. Is there a way to show widgets on the same way Windows 7 does? Answer: Yes. I assume this question hurts a lot of sensitivities at Infinite loop. 1. Bookmark this page or take down these instructions. 2. Open the Terminal window. The terminal window is the Command Prompt (command window) in the Mac world. Copy this line there and hit Return:
defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES
3. Log out from the iMac and log in back to activate this configuration change. 4. Press F4 (or F12) to run the dashboard. Click and hold your mouse button down on the widget you want to to get. 5. Drag it while holding the mouse down, ie. move it a little bit left, up or right, then press F4 (or F12). This step assures you selected the right widget. 6. The dashboard disappears and the widget stays on the desktop. 7. Release your mouse. 8. If you want to remove the widget press down the option (alt) key and click on the widget. Click on the X remove icon at top left corner of the widget.