Microsoft Marketplace

Microsoft took steps to make their Marketplace for Mobile experience even more iTunes-like. They are late but not the last. Dell and Samsung is the next to open their shops. Microsoft has started rolling out its second wave of features for the app stores, including the ability to browse and buy applications from the PC. Now instead of being limited to the cellphone’s small screen, people can view the applications online here. When users choose to buy an app, it’s delivered wirelessly to the customer’s Windows phone – unlike iTunes, which requires you to connect your phone to your PC. The app will install the next time the Windows Marketplace client runs on the device. Marketplace has been extremely active and many of us couldn’t be happier with the reactions from both developers and customers. Microsoft Windows Mobile web site Microsoft Marketplace Adam’s micro app of Random Facts have got 5 stars. This app is available for all MS Mobile 6+ platforms and runs on smartphones and pocket PC-s as well. Download from Marketplace