iPhone picture gallery – 320×480 images

In this page you can find several hundreds of images our customers have provided us in the past two years. These pictures are no longer part of their active iPhone or iPad projects so feel free to browse them. Picture sizes are in 320×480 pixels. Astonishingly wide variety of ways our clients have chosen their images. They were searching for funny situations, places, animals, cars, people, girls and boys… They wanted beautiful, eye-catching pictures most of their customers will identify quickly. Photos featuring people and cultures are from around the world, including the ancient times, but we discovered much of the collective wisdom about pictures for iPhone applications was wrong. There is less difference between two men from Japan and Brazilia than between an English man and woman. Cultural differences are not so important than the sex difference that we found is real and almost as deep as the Mariana Trench. Most of our clients wanted sexy girls as background images of their iPhone application! It is fun that women smile significantly more than men do and make flirty-face several times as often, and send winner “messages”. They attract greater attention from both sexes. Men’s photos are most effective when they look away from the camera and don’t smile. Have a great tour! [nggallery id=2]
Warning! If you tend to find multicultural or natural images, or photos of men and women offensive, or you are under age 18 or whatever ages your country or culture consider inappropriate, or you are on a special mission, you have the choice not to see these photos and leave this page now.