iMac bluetooth mouse keeps disconnecting

Question: I have an Apple iMac 10,1 desktop with OS X 10.6.6. My Magic bluetooth mouse keeps annoyingly disconnecting once or twice an hour. I checked the battery and it is 90% full. I get an error message in the Console saying “AppleMultitouchDevice:willTerminate entered”. It even disconnects while I am doing something. Interestingly it usually reconnects in 10 seconds. Help is greatly appreciated. Answer: I have heard rumors about Magic Mouses disconnecting while in use but haven’t been able to find out why it happens. Try out these steps: – Open and run Bluetooth Diagnostics Utility to look for misconfiguration or connection errors. Radio interferences or conflicting devices may cause random signal loss. – Change the batteries and see if you have the same problem. Worth a try. – Losing the bluetooth connection can be usually traced down to the Magic Mouse’s battery compartment. Its battery bay is very sensitive. You can experience a weak spring, as well as a poor contact. Some geeks have success in placing a small wad of paper between the batteries before closing the cover to keep them in the proper position. Place the paper on top of the batteries, roughly centered. Links: Apple knowledgebase article: Troubleshooting wireless mouse and keyboard issues Notes: You do not need to reboot iMac to get your mouse back. Hit Cmd + Space bar to open Spotlight. Type in “System preferences”. Find the Mouse icon.