Apple – Adobe war. iTunes App Store changes

Bloomberg has reported today “that Apple Inc. will give software developers more leeway in how they create applications for its iPhone and iPad, a move likely to benefit Adobe Systems Inc. those software had been panned by Apple’s Steve Jobs.” Xcode may not be the only tool to develop iPhone apps, and finally Apple and Adobe will work on Flash issues as well. We discussed it earlier. See Slow Script error… and Flash story. Apple will publish review guidelines for its App Store for the first time and drop restrictions on the development tools used to make applications for the iOS operating system that runs its devices. Adobe complained about Apple’s policies to antitrust regulators, who have been considering an investigation of Apple. Apple has so far refused to allow Web video and animations created with Adobe’s Flash technology to run on the iPhone and iPad. Today’s announcement from Apple affects the development of apps for the app store, not the issue of Flash running on Apple’s iPhone web browser. Websites that use Flash will still not work on Apple’s devices. Apple offers more than 250,000 applications for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store and the programs have been downloaded 6.5 billion times. App Store developers have collectively earned more than $1 billion from the sales of their apps.